What Bible Should I Read?

A lot of LGBTQIA+ people ask if there’s a queer friendly Bible translation they can read. The answer is, like a lot of things about our lives, it’s complicated. Here’s a podcast from Queer Theology on the topic.
TLDR: While there are a few translations that are trash, it’s more about HOW you read it than WHICH one you pick.

The Queer Theology Podcast

Some of the Bibles I have in my bookcase include:

  1. HCBS Bible: I like the “sturdiness(?)” of this translation. I’m not sure what other word to use. But it’s clear, and often uses different words that help break open confusing verses. Last I checked, it was free for Kindle here.
  2. The Amplified Bible LARGE PRINT VERSION: Yep, it finally happened. I had to get over my pride and admit my eyes aren’t what they used to be. One thing I’ve always liked about the Amplified is that by including the other words, you can see how verses meanings change. It’s here on Amazon.
  3. The JPS Tanakh: Sometimes it’s really important to see the meaning of a word of phrase according to the Jewish Torah. After all, that came first. Christianity grew out of Judaism and has changed a lot of the core beliefs. Find out more here.

The most important thing overall, is to own a bible you’ll actually read. Keep on reading, fellow learners!

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