Start here. No, Really.

I know. I can’t stand it when sites say that either. I came here to look your site over and you’re telling me where to start? The nerve. But there’s a reason.

You might have come here to see if the Bible says it’s wrong to be LGBTQIA+. Does God hate LGBTQIA+ people? Why are you like this? Why is everyone telling you to change or stop being you? Well, I’m glad you’re here. I have good news, and news you may not want to hear.

First the good news. God doesn’t hate you. And the Bible doesn’t say it’s wrong to be LGBTQIA+. You are made in the image of God. During the creation stories of Genesis chapters one and two, God declared everything good. In fact, once humans were created, God said all creation was VERY good.

Now, here’s the thing you won’t want to hear.

If you came here to study bits of Bible hoping to change someone else’s mind, it won’t happen. I’m so sorry to tell you that. But most people who believe that LGBTQIA+ people are going to hell will never change their minds. They don’t have to. Culture, the church, their friends, and family are all set up to support them in parroting bad theology and hatefulness. They may even be encouraged to think of themselves as the “real victims”, wondering why you’re “doing this to them”. That lack of empathy is hard to bear.

Over the decades I’ve been out, I’ve come to see there are three basic groups of people like this.

The first one: “Bible Zombies”. They lurch through life, Bible in hand, endlessly repeating the things their pastor tells them. They’re intellectually lazy and have no interest in going outside their comfort zone. They want information handed to them.

The second one: “Apathetic Attendees”. They like learning, but LGBTQIA+ issues seem foreign to them. The bigots would never come for anyone they know. This is the thoughts and prayers crew. Bigotry is sad, but not something that bothers them.

Then we have: the professional bigots. The ones who don’t even believe what they say, but make a LOT of money saying it. And get into positions of power by promising to “stop the LGBTQ agenda”.

None of these groups are likely to sit and look deeply into the Bible for a new point of view. It doesn’t matter to them, and cishet culture says it’s not their problem.

So if people won’t change their minds, why study the Bible? Because you deserve to settle your own heart and spirit. Out of a sense of curiosity. To win at Pub Trivia night. In order to draw closer to the God who created you and calls you good.

Because here at All Out, we study for us. Not for them.

I’m glad you’re here.